更新信息(update log):

  • add autogen/bootstrap @Pete Batard

    • This makes it more convenient to invoke autotools. Also MinGW users
      may need to run one of these scripts to be able to compile.
    • enable silent rules when building @Pete Batard

    • Note: ONLY and stage2/ were manually modified.
      The other files were generated by autotools.

    • fix assembler warnings @Pete Batard

    • dosstart.S:1356: Warning: using %ax' instead of%eax’ due to `w’ suffix

    • grldrstart.S:1277: Warning: using %ax' instead of%eax’ due to `w’ suffix
    • fix 2 compiler warnings @Pete Batard

    • char_io.c:283:7: warning: pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness

    • fsys_initrd.c:56:13: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer without a cast


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