• grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-12-24.7z

    更新信息(update log): add debug_time function @chenall speedup block_read_func @chenall show as error message when command not found @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-12-17.7z

    更新信息(update log): (tinybit) get rid of endless loop due to wrong usage of pxe detect. @chenall 对应源码(sources):

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-27.7z

    更新信息(update log): disable automatic decompression for blocklist_func @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-26.9aa8e524.7z

    更新信息(update log): 批处理 %~m0 修改 @chenall 因为批处理在运行的时候,内存中批处理文件的内容已经被修改过,所以%~m0跳过批处理文件自身长度.这样如果只有一个续尾文件的话那%~m0就是该文件内容.

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-26.7z

    更新信息(update log): raw_func changed @chenall 批处理脚本增强 @chenall 批处理中 %~z0 取批处理程序实际大小到’\0’为止.(注:只处理%~z0,%~z1是取整个文件大小).

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-21.7z

    更新信息(update log): fix bug in find @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-19.7z

    更新信息(update log): (tinybit) fix a bug that erroneously hooked/unhooked non-fb drives. @chenall Update readme doc @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-15.7z

    更新信息(update log): fix md device access issues @chenall fix map_func bug @chenall fix MinGW build @Pete Batard

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-14.7z

    更新信息(update log): 修正(md,BASE,SIZE)的BUG @chenall delmod -l XXX 改成返回该模块所在内存的起始位置. 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-13.7z

    更新信息(update log): add autogen/bootstrap @Pete Batard This makes it more convenient to invoke autotools. Also MinGW usersmay need to run one of these scripts to be able to compile.

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-11.7z

    更新信息(update log): 支持直访问某个内存区域(md,BASE,SIZE),以字节为单位. @chenall 比如在内存块0x887700长度0x51200是一个软盘镜像,则可以使用如下方式快速访问

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-10.7z

    更新信息(update log): disabled menu password prompt cursor(issue #14) @chenall supported initrdfs. @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-03.7z

    更新信息(update log): (tinybit) mask off non-booting floppy drives in order to gain more stability. @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-11-02.7z

    更新信息(update log): key ‘C’ to Single Sector for Buggy BIOS on startup. @chenall (tinybit) fix offset nestification problem for virtual drives built on another in-situ virtual drive. @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-10-29.7z

    更新信息(update log): bug fixed for write 0x82a4 @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-10-27.7z

    更新信息(update log): disabled warning and errinfo message redirect.(issue #9) @chenall cat —hex compatible with old format (issue #11) @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-10-21.7z

    更新信息(update log): workaround for issue 206 and issue 204 @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-10-17.7z

    更新信息(update log): support proxyDHCP (issue 94) @chenall PXE Boot supported proxyDHCP and gateway.(issue 116) @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-10-12.7z

    更新信息(update log): workaround for issue 204 @chenall (tinybit) two variables boot_drive and install_partition can be preset to a value before transferring control to grub4dos. @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-26.7z

    更新信息(update log): skip_to()函数修改,对于引号里面的”\”使用以前的方法处理,保持兼容性. @chenall add variable @boot,add debug info @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-16.7z

    更新信息(update log): fix issue 203 and bugs in skip_to() @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-12.7z

    更新信息(update log): compatible with older devread 32-bit byte_offset @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-08.7z

    更新信息(update log): (tinybit) supported backslash-delimited pathname used by pxe server.(支持了 pxe 服务器端的反斜杠路径名。) @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-07.7z

    更新信息(update log): bug fixed(thanks Steve). @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-06.7z

    更新信息(update log): Bug Fixed @chenall 修正上一个版本gunzip_test_header改动导致的BUG. hexdump 修改,使用16字节对齐格式,并且最多可以显示10个十六进制数的偏移量.

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-05.7z

    更新信息(update log): default help text aligned with menu when using menusetting(issue 195). @chenall fixed a bug in dir() @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-09-03.7z

    更新信息(update log): bug fixed @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-22.7z

    更新信息(update log): splashimage path length max with 127 bytes.(issue 192) @chenall bug fixed in cat_func (issue 176) @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-19.7z

    更新信息(update log): add new command ‘crc32’. @chenall fix typedef @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-17.7z

    更新信息(update log): 2014-08-17 Supported hide/unhide gpt partition. @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-13.7z

    更新信息(update log): (tinybit) Urgency! Fixed a serious bug on NTFS WRITE access. @chenall 对应源码(sources):

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-12.7z

    更新信息: add menu_cfg variable(0x8308) @chenall update README doc. @chenallwrite command now can use —bytes parameter limits the number of bytes to be written

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-06.7z

    更新信息: allow user to change right-arrow menu select character(googlecode issue 190) @chenall add new option —bytes=N to write command @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-04.7z

    更新信息: fix issue #6: cat —length=0 bug with large files @chenall set command syntax enhanced. issue 184(googlecode) @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-08-02.7z

    更新信息: by tinybit 2014-08-01 @chenall Enabled partition ID of 00. Enabled “chainloader —raw” to load harddrive PBR with BPB hidden_sectors=0.

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-07-11.7z

    更新信息: (tinybit) fixed a bug on iftitle(reporter: steve6375 and George). @chenall 对应源码: 查看源码 下载源码

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-07-04.7z

    更新信息: update build script 对应源码: 查看源码 下载源码

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-07-02.7z

    更新信息: (tinybit) repulse GigaByte Key-E attack(reporter: 2011after). 对应源码: 查看源码 下载源码

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-06-24.7z

    更新信息: fix build issue 对应源码: 查看源码 下载源码

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2014-01-17.7z

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-12-31.7z

    更新信息(update log): 修正由于新版本外部命令格式调整产生的BUG. @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-12-24.7z

    更新信息(update log): 外部命令格式兼容性调整 0.4.5c继续兼容旧版本外部命令. @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-12-16.7z

    更新信息(update log): (tinybit) 外部命令格式调整. @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-05-18.7z

    更新信息(update log): Bug fixed. @[chenall] 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-05-15.7z

    更新信息(update log): bug fixed issue #55 @chenall Support use (ud,x) to access UD host partition @[chenall]

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-04-08.7z

    更新信息(update log): fix get_cmdline issue (issue #48) @chenall fix batscript %~f0 issue. @chenall hotkey add current_select_entryno @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-03-04.7z

    更新信息(update log): fix insmod bug(issue #46) @chenall fix echo scroll bug (issue #39) @chenall 对应源码(sources):

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-02-09.7z

    更新信息(update log): bug fixed in bat_get_args (issue #34) @chenall graphics_inited set to the current graphics mode(issue #35) @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-01-20.7z

    更新信息(update log): calc help text changed(issue #26) @chenall debug breakpoint on line number issue #28 @chenall

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-01-16.7z

    更新信息(update log): bug fixed in bat_run @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-01-15.7z

    更新信息(update log): run_line增加检测系统堆栈可用空间,批处理调试功能修改. @chenall 防止由于用户的批处理中使用了过多的嵌套循环,导致系统堆栈溢出的死机的问题.现在的批处理调试功能可以对应批处理脚本行号更方便查找问题.

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-01-10.7z

    更新信息(update log): New Batch script debugging features @chenall Usage:debug PROG ARG debug modeQ->quit,C->Shell,E->End step,S->Skip Line,N->step Next func

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2015-01-09.7z

    更新信息(update log): fix batch step debug issue @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)

  • grub4dos-0.4.5c-2016-01-18.7z

    更新信息(update log): 修改disk_read_hook为API变量 @chenall 对应源码(sources): 查看源码(Browse source) 下载源码(Download ZIP)