更新信息(update log):

  • fix md device access issues @chenall
  • fix map_func bug @chenall
  • fix MinGW build @Pete Batard

    • Use the SIZEOF() macro in ldscript, to find if a section is empty or not defined.
    • Ensure that -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables is used when checking objcopy behaviour,
      by setting CPPFLAGS in Without this, the objcopy absolute address test
      fails because gcc on MinGW creates a .eh_frame section, that objcopy can’t handle.
    • Note: To get a working grub4dos using MinGW, you may have to downgrade gcc to 4.6.2 using:
      mingw-get upgrade gcc=4.6.2-1
      mingw-get install mpc=0.8.1-1
      You should also run or before invoking configure.


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Uploaded:Sat Nov 15 2014 16:40:46 GMT+0800